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  • implementation

    3. Implementation

    We leave no detail to chance, mitigating the risk incumbent with transforming your space into the environment you envisioned; bringing each element together for the solution that moves your business forward.

Implementation may be the final stage of the Workplace Strategy journey, but it is by no means the end of our relationship with the customer. We’re just getting warmed up.

Implementation is much more than putting your furnishings where they belong. All activity is informed by a comprehensive plan that covers the delivery of your solutions as well as the communication around those solutions and your move. Our change managers work with your team to develop strategies that help employees buy into the changes happening around them. We bring models to show them how to use the desks, chairs, lighting and storage they will incorporate in their new environment. We will also develop with you a plan for the disposition or storage of your original furnishings and equipment.

Our technology director maps out a thorough scheme for deploying your new technology, whether it be AV systems, collaboration products, interactive touch displays, room schedulers, or digital signage. He works in concert with your IT director to thoroughly test all equipment and train necessary personnel on how to maximize its use for optimal efficiency.

We have at our disposal a fleet of trucks, so we’re not relying on anyone else to deliver your product. We have a team of skilled installers who are efficient, effective and professional. We leave no detail to chance, bringing each element together for the solution that moves your business forward. Our work isn’t done until you’re satisfied.

On the all-important Day Two, we are there, addressing any issues you may have with equipment, pieces, adjustments, etc. A few months later we will follow up with a workspace survey to see how the space is functioning for your team and if it is meeting the expectations you had when the project started. We remain partners long after the last item is checked off the punch list.



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