• discovery


    Our priority is learning your business. We believe in a human-centered approach to design that creates connection points linking your talent to the environment.

  • evaluation


  • implementation


Creating a human-centered design for our clients starts with a journey of DISCOVERY. This is where we learn your business, how your people work, what your goals are, what processes are effective, which ones could be improved, how you use space, your technology needs, etc. We involve key stakeholders from your decision-making team. They could be with HR, IT, office managers, the facilities managers, or from the C-suite.

Depending on the size of the enterprise and the scope of the project, the journey could take several months, but it is vital for uncovering the best way to link your talent to the environment. We use every qualitative and quantitative tool at our disposal including occupancy sensors that determine which spaces are used and which go underutilized.

The result is rich data that helps inform decisions all leading to a human-centered design that helps an organization evolve.



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