Design can play a vital role in delivering quality care and reducing costs. The environment is important to conveying a sense of healing and wellness for the patients and delivering a sense of calm and competency to the patient’s family, friends and caregivers. The space where healing happens must improve patient satisfaction and be an environment that attracts and retains the most talented healthcare providers and support staff.

SKG works closely with clients and their consultants to create healing, efficient and effective spaces that play a part in helping each practice or facility meet its strategic goals. Our thoughtfully crafted solutions combine enduring style that will positively affect patients’ perceptions of their care and the brand, with durability that provides a valuable return on investment.

Product performance and material choice are paramount in providing optimal solutions. SKG has decades of experience supporting healthcare, acute care, patient care, clinic, lab, and administrative spaces.

The materials available for the manufacture of the pieces incorporate the latest antimicrobial and antibacterial technology, including fabrics and coatings to reduce the risk of infection. Yet another way the design plays a vital role in promoting patient health.

SKG has furniture, technology and architectural products for:

  • Reception and patient registration
  • Caregiver workstations
  • Laboratories
  • Clean rooms
  • Administration and physicians’ offices
  • Well-being in the workplace

Our Healthcare Portfolio:



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