At SKG, we understand you have a mission and we are here to help you achieve that mission in the most creative, effective and efficient manner possible. SKG offers innovative solutions and insights to help federal, state and municipal agencies address their immediate challenges while putting them in a position to achieve long-term success. As one of the largest dealers of Knoll, we can provide adaptable, functional and intelligently designed office systems that are reliable and a sound investment. We provide our government clients a high level of response and creativity that most of our competitors reserve solely for the private sector.

SKG understands your space must function a certain way, so we capture every detail when planning for a new work environment or reconfiguring existing space. We have helped our government clients recognize needs they had not identified in their original procurement process. These needs enhance their workflow and productivity and maximize the value of their budgets, but more importantly support the achievement of the current mission and allow for adaptability as the mission evolves or new directives are issued.

SKG’s strong financial position allows it to structure creative procurement options like leases that permit agencies to acquire quality furniture and equipment without impacting their capital budget. Our manufacturer relationships, built over more than two decades in the industry, allow us to secure for many of our clients, some of the best prices available within governing requirements. Engaging with SKG also helps organizations meet contracting goals as we are a certified woman-owned business and a certified Historically Underutilized Business.

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