SKG’s award-winning educational space designs are informed by decades of research into the development of inspirational learning spaces that evolve and endure. Our classroom design strategy takes into account the complexities of planning for the inevitable change in each learning environment. The education space is always evolving as research uncovers improved ways to teach and learn. The constant presence of technology and new applications for its use means finding new ways to integrate it into classrooms, libraries, collaboration spaces or anywhere students, instructors and staff may need it. Therefore, it is crucial to be able to provide adaptable multipurpose furnishings integrating the latest technology.

The education environment may be where space matters most in attracting and retaining the top students, faculty and staff. As an exclusive Knoll dealer, we offer numerous solutions for high-visibility areas like libraries and residence halls, or instructional spaces like laboratories and classrooms. Each space supports a range of needs that goes from formal to casual, planned to impromptu, and open to enclosed. Knoll’s comprehensive portfolio of furnishings helps colleges and universities no only create effective learning spaces, but grow enrollment, convey the right brand image, or foster interdisciplinary collaboration. SKG has continually added product lines and services like architectural walls, baffles, acoustical products, lab products, and low-voltage technology to provide a single source for all your institution’s needs.

Our team of skilled strategists work closely with clients and their consultants to develop a space that will meet your objectives while exceeding expectations, with all recommendations backed by the latest research.

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